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Our Mission

To make your dream of studying abroad easier than ever by providing a single platform to manage every detail of the research, decision-making, and application processes.

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Bridging the Gap Between Your Dream and Your Reality

Technology has made connecting with people all over the world online even easier than connecting with your next-door neighbour face-to-face. But if it’s so easy to access information and people across the globe, why is it still so difficult to get all the information you need in one place?

We don’t think it should be! Eduapply was established out of the need for a streamlined approach to applying for courses, a transparent system and making education accessible.

You’re researching what courses and schools are available to you and trying to track their features, costs, student experiences, and prerequisites. All while keeping up with your current studies. It’s so easy for your enthusiasm to be suffocated as you try to sift through a million Google searches. That’s why we created the Eduapply solution.

Our company has been founded by two immigrants who were previously International students. Our founders have over 30+ years of collective experience in the education industry from student consulting, visa processing to large-scale digital transformation. Given the strong foundation, we always have the best interest of agents and students in the entire process.

The company has been built with love and hard work in Melbourne, Australia, and plans to expand and collaborate with Universities, Education Counsellors and Students globally.



With a thirst for adventure, we’re just like you! We work to create incredible connections between students and agents with similar goals. We want to lead you to the course you want in a budget and country that suits your needs. 


For agents, we know how important your commissions are to supporting you financially. That’s why Eduapply has a no-hidden-fees policy. For students, our fast and reliable services guarantee a transparent application process.

Team Spirit

Our ultimate aim is to create a community of students and agents working together towards a common goal. We’re building a team of the best education agents around the globe to bring you the experience of a lifetime!

A new world awaits. Begin your adventure today!